Nnewi USA Inc. (NUSA)

NUSA Convention

July 4, 2008

Keynote Address


Dr. Oramasionwu

Our guest speaker Rev. Dr. Oramasionwu stated that his 1st contact with Nnewi was in 1948 when he returned to Nnewi. In 1950 he became a student at Okongwu Memoraial Grammar School. He subsequently become impressed with Nnewi perhaps as a result of the caliber of its leaders. They were trail blazers in their different fields especially in business. Peaople like Okoli “Agwu-agwu”, L.P. Ojukwu, Z. C. Obi, Okonkwo Kano, Muojekwu who founded Okongwu with Nnewi Patrotic association and others. He told us that these trail blazers made Nnewi proud. He stated that the Nnewi Student Union was very powerful in those days and praised NUSA as an incarnation of the Nnewi student union where he met Ose Orji Nnewi for the 1st time. Citing our theme he spoke of fire and light. As for light, which is the logo of Okongwu he told us that light is Christ.

He said that Plato taught us that education is light and by extension education is Christ and makes use strive to become God like. Stating that “Mmuta” in Igbo leads to “Amamife” and those who use their brains for “Ogu gu isi” as in Calculation and Mathematics. He continued by saying that Mmuta is science and Art. He told us that education leads to light and success. He said that man when born is already programmed to be able to acquire knowledge. All he needs is some form of stimulation. He stated that Informal education begins at home as the family is the basic social

structure and the father is usually the head. He advised that unity is family based and parents should ensure that. “Ukwu Usuke” as in “oga rukwu usuke” means that traveling is in Igbo a major part of education. He deposed that in the olden days in Igbo land, those who “kotalu nna ha-akpa” as in travelers were usually very wise.

The Rev. Dr. stressed that there is so much in our culture that needs to be revitalized, perhaps reformed but a must to put back in place. He called on all to join hands to move our people forward and told us to “bunu-bunu, ibu anyi danda”, stating that “Nwa zor okpa na ana nnaya, obi esie ya ike”. He praised the 2007 Home Coming stating that apart from its concrete achievement, he also had a fun Christmas as a side benefit. His speech was cut short at about 3:15PM to the disappointment of this writer as a result of schedule and time constraint. We then left for launch.