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Nnewi USA Inc. (NUSA)


Prof.  Ndubueze Okoknkwo MD

The mission was at Akwudo, a church affiliated medical facility adjacent to St Thomas Anglican church, Nnewi.

The mission lasted as scheduled from August 15, 2011 to August 19, 2011. We had a team of ten providers from the United States and Canada; and a  home team of providers including those involved in logistics and support services.The medical care was rendered as planned and the mission was a success.  The medications provided by NUSA went a long way to assist the patients but were not enough considering the volume of patients in need.

Below are the names of those that are on the USA/Canada team:


1. Dr. Tony Efobi Specialist Internal Medicine

2. Dr. Sampson Obichi Specialist Internal Medicine

3. Dr. Ikenna Okonkwo Specialist Pediatrics

4. Dr. Maureen Okonkwo Obstetrics and Gynecology

5. Prof. Ndubueze Okonkwo Specialist Internal Medicine and Nephrology

6. Dr. Chika Oraka Nurse Practice and Women Health

7. Mr. Chike Oraka Psychologist

8. Mr. Carl Scott Pharmacy Support Service

9. Mrs. Joyce Scott Pharmacy Support Service

10. Dr. Chinwe Oraka Specialist Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases

The Home Team consists of

1. Dr. Chris Azukeme of Fmc Abakiliki

2. Dr. Arinze Onwuegbuna Ophthamologist

3. Dr. Henry Uzoka General Surgery

4. Pharm Ruben Okongwu Pharmcist

5. The Optomertist

6. Chief (Sir) Eugene Edokwe Okonkwo (Otinwu- Inyinya Nnewi)

7. Mr. Felix Okonkwo (Ifechukwu Kwulu)

8. Six mobile police officers

9. Eight drivers from my transportantion company, Tochukwu Express NIG LTD.

10. Lady Nkolika Onwuamaegbu

As you know, the soldiers who were to be stationed at the mission site did not make it because of unexpected turn of events. Security was provided by my six police officers from Enugu Command and six moobile police officers stationed in my house.The security concern made it necessary that all the providers from abroad and Dr. Azukeme agreed to leave their beautiful homes and shared mine with me. Their zeal to achieve the mission goal was obviously the motivating  factor. I thank them for being my guests. It was an honor. Dr. Onwuegbuna who came from Onitsha to volunteer his time, opted to stay in a hotel at Nnewi. I took care of that bill.

Dr. Henry Uzoka , the surgeon was retained at ninety thousand naira for two days of work. I paid this bill. Dr. Nkemdilim insisted that any surgery be done at  kwudo , rather than the teaching hospital. The optometrist asked for a small stipend which I paid him. ( He was gracious and deserved more.) The patients were served two hundrend plates of packaged food and two hundrend bottles of water on the second day of the mission. These I also paid for . The nurses were also fed on this day. I provided two critical care ambulance for patient transfers with the supporting staff; I also paid for medications used for anesthesia during surgery.I transported the NUSA team from Enugu to Nnewi, including your medications. I flew the Scotties round trip from Lagos to Enugu as a thank you gesture for their participation.

Please join me in thanking these team members, all of whom made selfless sacrifices to care for our people. It was obviously expensive

 to buy air tickets during the peak season. Every one bought his or her own ticket. Many thanks to Drs. Oraka (mother and adult children team). Chika showed  a lot of class and humility worth of emulation. She was a good ambassador and provider.My gratitude to Pharm Ruben Okongwu; who was the mission’s  chief pharmacist that delivered his service with professionalism and exemplary joy. What an asset.

My friends Drs. Obichi , Efobi and Azukeme have done again what they do best, charity!!! God bless them.Our special thanks to our American friends who  cannot wait to volunteer again. May good things remain their portions.Many thanks to my brother and his wife Drs. Ikenna and Maureen Okonkwo who give it all they had. I apologize to them that the system failed the little seventeen years old girl they worked so hard to save.I am indebted to my brother Mr. Felix Okonkwo who made sure the generator and our fleet of vehicles performed “ twenty four seven” My special and loving affection for my brother Chief (Sir) Eugene  Edokwe Okonkwo who as usual organized the security service and made sure I only paid six hundred thousand naira for the six days of security service.

Many thanks. To my sister, Lady Nkoli Onwuamaegbu who supervised the food department and accommodations. She ensured that everyone had their desired meal clean and timely. Thanks to my many drivers who went above their call of duty, and worked overtime. I joined the organization to thank the host hospital and staff for their generosity in providing the venue, nursing services as well as required ground logistics. These providers, doctors and nurses alike give some persistent level of health care to the community. It is better to teach a man to fish than to lend him food  just for a day. They constitute the core of the health care delivery in this community. I cannot thank the president and NUSA enough for their charity.  Engr. Nathan Momah, who on his sick bed was more concerned about the success of this mission than his personal battle has added a new dimension to  what a good Samaritan is.Nnanyelugo and NUSA, thank you. What an example!! The articulation of some of the contributions I made is not to blow my trumpet but to demonstrate that, it is better to ask what one can do for Nnewi, not what  Nigeria can do for him.On a sad note the death of the seventeen year old girl with very tense ascitis and severe splenomegaly whom I consulted on and transferred to the teaching hospital has left me with a bittersweet feeling from the mission. It is true that patients die daily every where in the world, but certain  death demand an outcry. If any physician knows of any other diagnostic tests and therapeutic modality for tense ascitis that do not include paracyntesis  (for alleviation of shortness of breath, and provision of comfort to the patient as well as diagnostic ascitic fluid analysis), ultrasound and CAT scan of abdomen and pelvis, I will like to know. I did not have to pay her bill at Akwudo for her to be released from this facility and be transferred to tertiary hospital where the  needed service may be available.To hold her until I paid that bill is outrageous. We transferred her to the teaching hospital where she died a week later. The teaching hospital has neither provided the cause of her illness (etiology) nor the intervention modality and the cause of death. We are working hard to secure those information because human beings still have values and worth.Above all glory be to God, without whom all these efforts would be in vain.

Thank you again Mr. President.



Prof Ndubueze Okonkwo (Mmuta Ka aku).


Dr. Sir Douglas Nkemdilim

The NUSA 2011 medical mission was held between  August 19th to  August 25th , 2011 at Diocesan Hospital, Akwudo, Nnewi. Towards the end of 2010, some items were received in readiness for the mission which was to be held in December 2010. But it was subsequently rescheduled for August 2011. The medical mission team comprised health professionals, some of whom were non Nnewi indigenes. Four other professionals within Nnewi were engaged for the mission. They included two nurses, one surgeon and one ophthalmologist. The Medical proffessionals from United States of America were: Dr. Ndubueze Okonkwo (the team Leader), Dr. Ikenna Okonkwo, Dr.(Mrs.)Maureen Okonkwo, Mrs. Chika Oraka, Dr. Chinwe Oraka, Mr.Oraka and two other doctors

The entire staff of Nnewi Diocesan Hospital, Nnewi were also mobilized and participated throughout the week-long activity. The hospital on its own also contributed to the success of  the mission. All the surgical sutures used for the surgical operations during the mission were from the hospital store. However the hospital was glad to make this contribution. Dr Ebube Odunukwe, Washington DC donated and sent  some medications for the eye Clinic.  

The residents of Nnewi-both indigenes and non indigenes were adequately mobilized. Announcement was sent to various quarters- Otolo, Uruagu, Umudim and Nnewichi through Nzuko-ora Nnewi. Notices were also sent to all churches in Nnewi for announcement during church services. Following the level of mobilization done, many people with various health problems responded. Nine Hundred and seventy two (972) people were treated for various medical cases, while five hundred and seventy five (575) were handled for eye ailments. Eye ailments seen included among others Glaucoma, Cataract and Pterygium. Five hundred and seven (507) people received eyeglasses. Ten people benefited from surgical operations.

In all, the 2011 medical mission was successful. I wish to thank NUSA for the think-home philosophy and also congratulate NUSA for the overall success of the 2011 medical mission .We look forward to such initiatives in future.